More news about Georgia, Russia, and NATO

News surfaced again this week about tensions between Georgia, Russia, and NATO. As usual, The Economist has an excellent write-up on the skirmishes.

I do not want to see more conflict in this region. The people need a break. The world needs economic recovery and this cannot occur when needless wars are happening, particularly around oil lines. To ease the need for oil, Tata Motors of India has announced it has received, 203,000 advance orders for their new car the Nano. It achieves approximately 72MPG out of a two cylinder engine. Sold only in India at the moment because of emission, safety, and other standards the car is poised to be a success.

The belief that more fuel efficient cars is the answer to the peak oil issue is wrong, but everything can help. The Nano invariably gives easier access to automobiles in India due to it’s price. We will have to see if this is good or bad.

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