Linux Terminal Server, here I come!

The Linux Server
The Linux Server

The beauty on the left is the server that will be used for the Linux Terminal Server (LTS) project and research that I will be working on this year. Click the image to retrieve the original specifications for the machine. It is old, there is no way around it, but will serve well as a test case for the potential deployment in areas that have extremely limited resources. It is a Pentium II 400 MHZ, not 4 gigahertz, but megahertz. It has decent hard drives and most likely I will be using RAID 1 for initial deployment.

Using the latest Ubuntu server release, 9.04, I am hopeful that the install goes smoothly on the older hardware. I have to retrieve a network card for use as a LTS, but Monday, 10/05/09 is my hopeful install date. Once installation is completed and I have configured it for initial research purposes we will try to have it hooked up to a live network.

On top of Ubuntu I will install Edubuntu, a very popular education package that includes lots of software that is useful in schools. The application list included with the Ibex release, I have yet to examine the new release, can be found here: I am very curious to see how the server will handle the load of Xaos once I have clients connecting to the server. Xaos maps fractal images. In college I wrote the logic for a Mandelbrot fractal image drawing application and it consumed resources to say the least. I bet this program is written with efficiency in mind. If you are not familiar with fractal images, check this image out.

I am still formulating possible research goals, if you have ideas, post a comment.

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