Google still knows how to have fun!

Happy Halloween everyone. A blog I have recently started following that covers everything Google posted the following.

“While others are busy carving pumpkins or looking for the perfect mask, Google put a special Halloween egg into their robots.txt:

User-agent: Kids
Disallow: /tricks
Allow: /treats

(A year ago today, Google also changed their robots.txt…)”

For those of you that do not write robots.txt files everyday, Google is allowing kids to get treats but not to trick them. Purely a nerdy pun.

Happy Halloween

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2 thoughts on “Google still knows how to have fun!

  1. An egg in software is a hidden feature. Often it is a joke or something the developers of the software wanted to include but was not approved. They are “Easter Eggs.” The robot text file is a computer file that tells search engines what they are allowed to do and not do when examing a website. These automated robots are supposed to respect what is in the robots.txt file stored on the webserver.

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