FCC 14-28 Public Comment

The author's FCC comments.

My FCC 14-28 Public Comment.

Dear Mr. Wheeler and others, My career has been built on the internet being an open place. If resources I used early on did not have open access to share their ideas I likely would not have been exposed to them I believe an open internet promotes economic vitality, entrepreneurship, and the spread of democratic ideals. Why endanger possibly the greatest liberating and socio-economic equalizer that has yet to be invented. Think of the future, not now, but what the internet can deliver in the future. If a regulated internet takes hold, what happens if a doctor using a davinci surgical device remotely has their bandwidth throttled with a patient on the table? What happens as smart-cars come on the road that can talk to each other but a small auto manufacturer doesn’t pay an ISP enough money to support the bandwidth used, who will be held accountable for the accidents? Every argument that is provided to you from those in favor of regulation, envision what it will mean ten years from now. It will not be a good outcome. Keep the internet free. Thank you

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