Hi everyone,

My name is Max Bronsema. Thank you for checking out my blog. Visit my website at http://maxbronsema.com/ for additional content.

Presently I am employed at the fabulous Western Washington University (WWU) in Bellingham, WA. At WWU I am honored to hold the title of Drupal Architect where I lead a small student team developing innovative Drupal solutions for the public facing sites at WWU. We run a growing suite of sites off an Aegir installation running on Open SUSE. All of the sites I am involved with at WWU are Drupal 7.

In the past I worked as a Drupal developer at the University of Oregon. There I I worked a lot with Drupal 6 & 7, Aegir, Red Hat Linux, and MySQL administration. I also taught HTML/CSS at Lane Community College in Eugene.

I enjoy cars, motorcycles, computers, business theory, economics, and the environment. By day I work to serve students and at night I use my superpowers of sleep to rest for the next day.

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  1. This will be a cool site when it is done. I didn’t know sleeping was a super power, I must be a superhero too :)



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