Technology Skills for Life and Academia

Citation: O’Brien, Joseph. (2008).Technology: An Integral Part of Students’ Learning and Lives. Social Education, (72, 7), 383-385.

Summary: The National Council for the Social Studies recently partnered with the Partnership 21st Century Skills (p21). Explaining the progress so made so far O’Brien highlights the key points of the framework. Designed for K-16 he highlights the range of technology, relation between outcome and student example, and emphasis on civic action.

Response: This is exciting! The NCSS pushing technology for use in curriculum. The framework can actually be used. The range of technology that Mr. O’Brien highlights in the article is a continuum of available technology to utilize in case students do not have the suggested technology. Outcome & Student Examples have been used in the field. It is not a theoretical lesson but instead something that has been tried and works. As a social studies teacher it is important to me that students be able to use all of the information at their disposal to make the best case possible. Civic action which is highlighted in the framework can be made more effective if technology can be leveraged. I believe the continued development of this framework will lead to a greater integration of useful technology and techniques within the teaching of the social studies discipline.

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