Automobiles, where do they go?

How do they get here? Copyright
How do they get here? Copyright

Millions of cars are produced every year. Where do they all go? Specifically, why do millions of cars become useless for one reason or another every year. It seems that old cars that were produced in the hundreds of thousands should still be around in substantial numbers. Do all of the old cars get in wrecks that total them? When someb0dy trades a car into the dealer, does the dealer dispose of the automobile?

Driving to work yesterday I saw a Chevy Colorado parked on the side of the freeway. The Colorado has only been around for a few years but after thinking about it, I do not see S-10’s, the Colorado’s predecessor, all that often. For years that was a popular truck and now they seem to have dissappeared.

Do we ship old vehicles to other countries or just recycle them? If we recycle them, that must mean that the car is worth very little by the time it has reached the end of it’s life. Perhaps that is a larger problem in the development of automobiles, are they designed to have a maximum useable life before necessitating scrap. Perhaps there is a corporate buyback plan from all the auto companies. I find it a good thing that old non-regulated emission vehicles are not on the road but where do they go?

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