AMAHI CHOWN and backups

I just finished setting up an AMAHI server for our home office use. It was a fairly straight setup except for the backup folder creation. Supposedly it creates a folder called backups automatically upon installation, that did not occur for me.

AMAHI runs on Fedora 12 which I found out is a bit different than Ubuntu 7+. You cannot just create folders in the HDA directory because you do not login as root and cannot do so from the GNOME GUI. You must do it from the command line.

This is not all that bad, just a bit of an annoyance because of AMAHI stating that backups work with a clean install. Here is how you do it.

First you must open a terminal, Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal. Or I think you can use Alt-F2 and type gnome-terminal.

Then you login as root su - it will prompt you for the root password, enter that and press the enter/return key.

Now navigate to the HDA directory where backups is supposed to be cd /var/hda/files/

List the folders in the files directory ls go ahead and make the backups directory because it is not there. mkdir backups

Again list the folders but show the permissions ls -l

You will see that the folder backups is not accessible to the average user so you have to change the owner and group using CHOWN.
chown user:group backupswhere user is the Fedora user you are using with AMAHI and the group is what you also setup, most likely users.

Now you can navigate to the directory in Nautilus, right click on the backups folder and change permissions to allow read and write so that backups with Ubuntu Simple Backup and Windows 7 built in utility will work. I am sure you can do that on the command line with chmod as well but I am not the best with that command.

Backups setup this way are working wonderfully and I am very pleased thus far with AMAHI.

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