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Net Neutrality – Please take a stand

I can blog and share my thoughts, code snippets, pictures, etc… with you my friends, the transient visitors, regulars, and the bots who see and digest my blog and other sites.

This can happen because you have unfettered access to my site. No one is blocking your attempts to visit, at least not if you are in the USA. I also don’t have to pay any extra for you to see the content I publish. I watched the FCC hearing live and after Tom Wheeler said his piece I was under the impression that he was for net neutrality. Then the vote was taken and I realized what he had been saying was in favor of a regulated internet.

My career has been built on an open internet and the sharing of thoughts. If a website like SitePoint, once a scion of the early CSS web development movement, had at that time had to pay to ensure a user could connect at a decent speed, I don’t think they would be around, which possibly means my current job, would not be around. There are data intensive services, case in point is Netflix. Now sure, I watch Netflix, but I don’t watch cable TV, and as a recent Huffington Post article details Netflix is taking up 34.2% of internet traffic so I would think a percentage of those folks don’t watch cable either.  Comcast and other internet data providers are often said to throttle the internet for traffic intensive services. Netflix is also competition though, served over the cable provider’s infrastructure. In the future as more and more devices get connected and we have more bandwidth intensive applications running it won’t just be Netflix that is an issue.

The FCC needs to take a stand and ensure that the internet is a public good. If more bandwidth is needed, why can we not start laying fiber to the home, FTH, so that bandwidth is not an issue. That is happening in many places and there is a grass roots movement to provide quality service to underprivileged areas. My favorite is The Free Network Foundation. The solution should not be charging other companies more money if they want to provide a popular product. A tiered system is not the solution.

Please let the FCC hear your voice. Go to and click 14-28 and leave a public comment. So many people are doing this, there are 26,726 comments at this point in time 5/19/2014 10:18PM PST. Add your voice.

The author's FCC comments.
My FCC 14-28 Public Comment.

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