Shout out to The Pastry Box Project

For those of us who work with digital goods every day it can be hard to find meaning in the work we do. It is certainly something I struggle with. I stumbled upon The Pastry Box Project during the summer last year.

The site in their own words is thus,

“Each year, The Pastry Box Project gathers 30 people who are each influential in their field and asks them to share thoughts regarding what they do. Those thoughts are then published every day throughout the year at a rate of one per day, starting January 1st and ending December 31st.”

I don’t read it every day but when I do I generally can’t stop. There may be a focus of some sorts but it generally seems random. I would call it a Chicken Soup for the Web Makers Soul. Most of the posts resonate and give unique perspectives to what we do. If you are looking for motivation or at times commiseration, I recommend you browse through some of the posts.

They also have some really interesting ways to consume the content. I normally use Feedly and just read them as RSS items. However, you can customize the site by just checking a few boxes, or even read it in your terminal with a node package, letting you sort by author, etc…

Just by visiting the site you are sure to walk away with a new nugget of knowledge.